Undergraduate teaching

亚博真人意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 has a long and proud tradition in undergraduate medical education, initially as 亚博真人意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 Hospital School of Medicine which merged in 1998 with University College Hospital Medical School to form .  The principal campuses are in Bloomsbury and at 亚博真人意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您. 亚博真人意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 campus forms a large part of the footprint of 亚博真人意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 Hospital site and is geographically and organisationally well integrated into the trust.

亚博真人意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 London NHS Foundation Trust has demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence in teaching tomorrow's doctors. Excellence in education is explicitly and equally enshrined in the core values of the trust alongside excellence in clinical care and in research. The hospital is a key partner of UCLMS in teaching the MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery) degree programme.

The campus has an excellent infrastructure with three recently-refurbished lecture theatres, 12 seminar rooms, a well-equipped clinical skills facility and a newly-opened large informal student learning space (the student hub). The trust employs teaching fellows to enhance the student teaching and experience. 亚博真人意甲联赛猜测_首頁_歡迎您 hosts administrators both for the MBBS and BAMS courses as well as , more than 12 teaching fellows and the medical school quality office.